Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Return

Would it be awkward for me to just jump back into this blog thing as if I didn't abandon my followers for over a month? Yes. So let me do what I do best and give you the long unneeded explanation of why I left.

Social Networking took control of my life quickly. I came home on fire! I was studying, reading, being awesome, and the whole 9 yards. Well needless to say when I was introduced to FB my life took a rapid spiral downward and I hit rock bottom. I was "checking in" to places I'd go so all my 218 friends would know. I was posting pictures of my self in cool outfits for the ladies. I was looking up my blind dates before hand. I got scared when I finally realized how bad it had gotten. I had to take a brake and get back on track.

Now I am a new man. I am in control. I am balanced. I am back.