Friday, January 20, 2012

I have (arms spread wide open) thhhhhiiiiissssss many BLESSINGS!

This morning I woke up to my right arm in excruciating pain because I had slept on it for many hours. I was filled with irrational early morning fear as I tried to curl each finger and discovered that I couldn't. I tried to straighten them out and to my dismay I had no success. As I took my left hand and forced my right hand and fingers to move I was discouraged to learn that it hurt even more when I made them move. I laid in a bed of discouragement sure that I was going to be paralyzed in my right arm for the rest of my life. Right about the time I was about to give up in life I had feeling returned to my hand, and peace of mind was instantly restored. I was so grateful to have both of my arms, because there are soooo many things that a person can't do with just a single arm.

Two Armed Activities:

- Driving a stick shift car
- Brushing your teeth and using the bathroom (think about it)
- Texting and driving
- Walking on your hands
- Peeling a banana
- Paddling a Kayak
- Clapping to the beat during a vocal/drum duet at a concert.
- Playing guitar. (metallica songs and blink 182 songs can still be played one handed.)
- Monkey bars.

and the list goes on...

In my deepest moment of depression I was trying to find some good in only having one hand and I came up with this list.

Benefits to only having one arm:

- "Hey Therm, do you want to go play tennis?"
  "No, I have a two handed back hand, and as you can see... I only have one hand"
- "Hey Therm, can you stop eating that delicious sandwich to open this pickle jar for me?"
- "Hey Therm, can you hold this box of heavy things for me?"
- "If I only had one arm I think I could fit through the doggy door."
- "It's your turn to change the diaper."
- "Hey guys, do you want to play big booty?"
- "Hey guys, do you want to play murderer in the dark?"

Anyways, I am glad to have both my arms. But I am curious, what reasons would you be grateful to only have one arm?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Super Blessed

Sometimes I get so caught up in my blessed SUPER BLESSED life that I forget I am in mortality and there will be trials waiting for me around the next corner. I like to picture my trials as little lint balls that inevitably will end up on my clothing, TV and/or computer screen, my dashboard, etc... I can either take care of them as they come and for the most part maintain what will make up my relatively clean surroundings. OR... I can just ignore the first one or two, then look past the next three or four, and before you know it I can write my name on the TV screen and claim all those little trials as mine. THEN I have to get out the Pledge and a rag to do some major cleaning, because if you just wipe them they will spread or go away for a minute but then the dust settles and they are back. So my metaphorical rambling was basically the introduction to my latest and greatest.

Right as I was getting to the top of the pride cycle thinking I was pretty awesome, the big guy brought me back to reality. I lost my job. Who fires THERM?? Well, my manager does, but really... why? I don't know. I'd like to think that my lintless life was too much for them to be around. You know how your house looks like the day after Thanksgiving? Pots, pans, crumbs, left overs, just a mess everywhere? Now picture the Stake Presidency coming over unannounced and having them there amongst the clutter. You would be so ashamed. Yeah. That must be what it is like for my (former) coworkers to work with me everyday. When I look at it that way I can accept what happened.

So I am on the hunt again. This time for a job.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Don't Think She Is Pintrested In Me

Remember that time I anxiously announced my return and then went silent again for another couple of weeks? Truth is I had found myself a lady friend. Things were going great, we were having so much fun together. Life was good.
About 2 weeks into our relationship things started to change. She had found this online community of like minded females who would share things that they had blogged about, read on a blog, saw on a site, or whatever. If it was cute and online they'd pin it for everyone to see. Have you heard of "moderation in all things"? My girlfriend had obviously never heard of that. Everything around me started to get "pintresting."
My chip bags were clamped with clothes hanger clips. Pantry soup cans were organized with old soda boxes. Mod Podge was on everything... and who the heck knew toilet paper rolls and dixie cups could be so crafty?
Anyways... I am sure she is happy right now putting something in a shadow box, etching glass, or making a home made projector out of a lamp and folded poster board. It wasn't working with us and I am ok with that.
So again I proclaim, I am back.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Return

Would it be awkward for me to just jump back into this blog thing as if I didn't abandon my followers for over a month? Yes. So let me do what I do best and give you the long unneeded explanation of why I left.

Social Networking took control of my life quickly. I came home on fire! I was studying, reading, being awesome, and the whole 9 yards. Well needless to say when I was introduced to FB my life took a rapid spiral downward and I hit rock bottom. I was "checking in" to places I'd go so all my 218 friends would know. I was posting pictures of my self in cool outfits for the ladies. I was looking up my blind dates before hand. I got scared when I finally realized how bad it had gotten. I had to take a brake and get back on track.

Now I am a new man. I am in control. I am balanced. I am back.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Night With Therm

I'm almost 100% positive I just melted the hearts of every female that just read the title of this post. I have been hearing rumors that people are having a hard time pronouncing my name... it's just like it is spelled, Therm (Thurmm) You can remember it easily because I am hot like a thermometer, or you better not be wearing thermal underwear on a honeymoon with Therm... sorry, that last example got a little steamy.

Back to the post.

I went on my first date since I have been back. School started and so did Tute. (that's institute for those less righteous) I am taking marriage prep on Monday and Wednesday, because I have priorities and goals. After class I "ran into" the brown eyed pearl of great price I had my eye on in class. I don't know if it was really a date or not. We never left the institute building, but we did talk to each other for a good 25 minutes eating free doughnuts. Does that count as a date? She gave me her number and I wrote it in my daily planner! She will be counted as a potential investigator.

A quick THANK YOU to Cannwin, turns out Provo is seeing somebody who is indecisively in love with her, and she is certain he is worth it. She will be counted as a former investigator and I will be staying in Mesa.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 3: Magic Potions

So apparently when I left to the A.C.M for 2 years (honorably released) the economy went down the toilet. I really wish I could be knocking doors right now bringing people the Good News. I had figured that finding a job would be one of the first things I'd be blessed with upon my return (honorably released). I went to the University of Phoenix to apply, I'm told they love us RMs, but they have changed the requirements for hiring. That really bummed me out, but "it's always darkest before the dawn." -President Ross. And it is dawn!

A friend called me and said "Hey Therm, you want to make money?" I responded with haste saying,"oh snap! You know I do." A few hours later I found myself in a meeting that I am sure will be the beginning of my new posh life.

Did you know liquid nutritionals is the new craze? Why swallow pills? Spiritually guided indians found a godsent berry that cures cancer, juiced it, put a famous Doctor's endorsement on the bottle, and have left it up to me, or us we'll get to that later, to make as much money as I(we) want off of it.

It really is pretty simple:

-I take you to a meeting.
-You try the juice.
-You think about it. If the toilet is the thinking spot for you, you'll have plenty of time after trying the juice to think.
-You get other people to try the juice.
-You get a BMW. Oh... and health like you've never known it.

Let me know if you are interested.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 1: Girls, Coldplay, and Revelation.

Welcome to my blog. If this post is short... I am sorry. I can't go into my study time, which I have dedicated to be at 8:00 pm every day, or else I will be breaking a commitment I have made to myself, and that is the "prelude to inactivity" as President Ross said. Inactivity is my greatest fear.

I have titled my blog "The After Life." Meaning life after the mission! I know it is pretty sachilarious... but I thought you'd be entertained. I have been home from The A.C.M (Arcadia California Mission) for almost 24 hours now. Last night I decided to go ahead and dive head first back into life as I knew it before I left... so I drove over to my friend Ashley's house to say hello. On the way I tried listening to one of my old faves Coldplay. I grieved inside because I didn't realize how irreverent that band was until that moment.

Seeing Ashley was fun. It was mostly a good experience because it provided me with my first post mission revelation. Ashley had tricked me into staying up and watching "Despicable Me." (It's on my movie list) Right around 10:00 pm I was feeling super guilty for being alone with a girl that late at night. And it came!! My revelation! If I set aside the late portion of my evenings to do my personal study, I wouldn't find myself in that position again! Luckily I had turned Coldplay off on the way to Ashley's or else I may not have been in tune, and I would have  missed that little tender mercy. Life is so good, and I feel so blessed. I am excited to find my wife! I will post again soon brothers and sisters.