Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Don't Think She Is Pintrested In Me

Remember that time I anxiously announced my return and then went silent again for another couple of weeks? Truth is I had found myself a lady friend. Things were going great, we were having so much fun together. Life was good.
About 2 weeks into our relationship things started to change. She had found this online community of like minded females who would share things that they had blogged about, read on a blog, saw on a site, or whatever. If it was cute and online they'd pin it for everyone to see. Have you heard of "moderation in all things"? My girlfriend had obviously never heard of that. Everything around me started to get "pintresting."
My chip bags were clamped with clothes hanger clips. Pantry soup cans were organized with old soda boxes. Mod Podge was on everything... and who the heck knew toilet paper rolls and dixie cups could be so crafty?
Anyways... I am sure she is happy right now putting something in a shadow box, etching glass, or making a home made projector out of a lamp and folded poster board. It wasn't working with us and I am ok with that.
So again I proclaim, I am back.

1 comment:

  1. haha.. funny. I like pinterest, but I've never made a projector out of a lamp and folded poster board. I just bought mine. :)

    I do think thats sort of odd behavior for a single girl with no children. But then again, I'm neither so I don't know that culture at all.