Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Super Blessed

Sometimes I get so caught up in my blessed SUPER BLESSED life that I forget I am in mortality and there will be trials waiting for me around the next corner. I like to picture my trials as little lint balls that inevitably will end up on my clothing, TV and/or computer screen, my dashboard, etc... I can either take care of them as they come and for the most part maintain what will make up my relatively clean surroundings. OR... I can just ignore the first one or two, then look past the next three or four, and before you know it I can write my name on the TV screen and claim all those little trials as mine. THEN I have to get out the Pledge and a rag to do some major cleaning, because if you just wipe them they will spread or go away for a minute but then the dust settles and they are back. So my metaphorical rambling was basically the introduction to my latest and greatest.

Right as I was getting to the top of the pride cycle thinking I was pretty awesome, the big guy brought me back to reality. I lost my job. Who fires THERM?? Well, my manager does, but really... why? I don't know. I'd like to think that my lintless life was too much for them to be around. You know how your house looks like the day after Thanksgiving? Pots, pans, crumbs, left overs, just a mess everywhere? Now picture the Stake Presidency coming over unannounced and having them there amongst the clutter. You would be so ashamed. Yeah. That must be what it is like for my (former) coworkers to work with me everyday. When I look at it that way I can accept what happened.

So I am on the hunt again. This time for a job.

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