Friday, January 20, 2012

I have (arms spread wide open) thhhhhiiiiissssss many BLESSINGS!

This morning I woke up to my right arm in excruciating pain because I had slept on it for many hours. I was filled with irrational early morning fear as I tried to curl each finger and discovered that I couldn't. I tried to straighten them out and to my dismay I had no success. As I took my left hand and forced my right hand and fingers to move I was discouraged to learn that it hurt even more when I made them move. I laid in a bed of discouragement sure that I was going to be paralyzed in my right arm for the rest of my life. Right about the time I was about to give up in life I had feeling returned to my hand, and peace of mind was instantly restored. I was so grateful to have both of my arms, because there are soooo many things that a person can't do with just a single arm.

Two Armed Activities:

- Driving a stick shift car
- Brushing your teeth and using the bathroom (think about it)
- Texting and driving
- Walking on your hands
- Peeling a banana
- Paddling a Kayak
- Clapping to the beat during a vocal/drum duet at a concert.
- Playing guitar. (metallica songs and blink 182 songs can still be played one handed.)
- Monkey bars.

and the list goes on...

In my deepest moment of depression I was trying to find some good in only having one hand and I came up with this list.

Benefits to only having one arm:

- "Hey Therm, do you want to go play tennis?"
  "No, I have a two handed back hand, and as you can see... I only have one hand"
- "Hey Therm, can you stop eating that delicious sandwich to open this pickle jar for me?"
- "Hey Therm, can you hold this box of heavy things for me?"
- "If I only had one arm I think I could fit through the doggy door."
- "It's your turn to change the diaper."
- "Hey guys, do you want to play big booty?"
- "Hey guys, do you want to play murderer in the dark?"

Anyways, I am glad to have both my arms. But I am curious, what reasons would you be grateful to only have one arm?

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  1. Well if you had no arms at all, you would be grateful to have only one!! If you lost one arm in a bad accident you would be so grateful to have one left.. Is that good enough?