Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 1: Girls, Coldplay, and Revelation.

Welcome to my blog. If this post is short... I am sorry. I can't go into my study time, which I have dedicated to be at 8:00 pm every day, or else I will be breaking a commitment I have made to myself, and that is the "prelude to inactivity" as President Ross said. Inactivity is my greatest fear.

I have titled my blog "The After Life." Meaning life after the mission! I know it is pretty sachilarious... but I thought you'd be entertained. I have been home from The A.C.M (Arcadia California Mission) for almost 24 hours now. Last night I decided to go ahead and dive head first back into life as I knew it before I left... so I drove over to my friend Ashley's house to say hello. On the way I tried listening to one of my old faves Coldplay. I grieved inside because I didn't realize how irreverent that band was until that moment.

Seeing Ashley was fun. It was mostly a good experience because it provided me with my first post mission revelation. Ashley had tricked me into staying up and watching "Despicable Me." (It's on my movie list) Right around 10:00 pm I was feeling super guilty for being alone with a girl that late at night. And it came!! My revelation! If I set aside the late portion of my evenings to do my personal study, I wouldn't find myself in that position again! Luckily I had turned Coldplay off on the way to Ashley's or else I may not have been in tune, and I would have  missed that little tender mercy. Life is so good, and I feel so blessed. I am excited to find my wife! I will post again soon brothers and sisters.


  1. this is going to be awesome. My brother just got home too! I'm heather's friend by the way, welcome to the blogger world, where lots of random people read about your life :)

  2. Thank you Meganis! If your brother is looking for money, my Day3 post is for him ;)

  3. I heard you took Ashley somewhere in your truck... alone in a car with a girl?!?! Tell me it's not true!