Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Night With Therm

I'm almost 100% positive I just melted the hearts of every female that just read the title of this post. I have been hearing rumors that people are having a hard time pronouncing my name... it's just like it is spelled, Therm (Thurmm) You can remember it easily because I am hot like a thermometer, or you better not be wearing thermal underwear on a honeymoon with Therm... sorry, that last example got a little steamy.

Back to the post.

I went on my first date since I have been back. School started and so did Tute. (that's institute for those less righteous) I am taking marriage prep on Monday and Wednesday, because I have priorities and goals. After class I "ran into" the brown eyed pearl of great price I had my eye on in class. I don't know if it was really a date or not. We never left the institute building, but we did talk to each other for a good 25 minutes eating free doughnuts. Does that count as a date? She gave me her number and I wrote it in my daily planner! She will be counted as a potential investigator.

A quick THANK YOU to Cannwin, turns out Provo is seeing somebody who is indecisively in love with her, and she is certain he is worth it. She will be counted as a former investigator and I will be staying in Mesa.


  1. lol! Whew, glad I helped on that one!

  2. Four posts into your blog, I'm quite the fan. I can't wait to read where your journey leads!