Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 3: Magic Potions

So apparently when I left to the A.C.M for 2 years (honorably released) the economy went down the toilet. I really wish I could be knocking doors right now bringing people the Good News. I had figured that finding a job would be one of the first things I'd be blessed with upon my return (honorably released). I went to the University of Phoenix to apply, I'm told they love us RMs, but they have changed the requirements for hiring. That really bummed me out, but "it's always darkest before the dawn." -President Ross. And it is dawn!

A friend called me and said "Hey Therm, you want to make money?" I responded with haste saying,"oh snap! You know I do." A few hours later I found myself in a meeting that I am sure will be the beginning of my new posh life.

Did you know liquid nutritionals is the new craze? Why swallow pills? Spiritually guided indians found a godsent berry that cures cancer, juiced it, put a famous Doctor's endorsement on the bottle, and have left it up to me, or us we'll get to that later, to make as much money as I(we) want off of it.

It really is pretty simple:

-I take you to a meeting.
-You try the juice.
-You think about it. If the toilet is the thinking spot for you, you'll have plenty of time after trying the juice to think.
-You get other people to try the juice.
-You get a BMW. Oh... and health like you've never known it.

Let me know if you are interested.

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